February 20, 2019

Scooter with Debbie


When Jenn came to me about photographing her with her mother, and to also have her mother photographed with her dog Scooter, you can imagine I was ready to jump on that. It’s SO important to have photographs of and with the ones you love the most. I was thrilled to be able to do this for them. And now I’ll let Jenn share her experience!

“This was my mother’s idea. A woman who asks for nothing suddenly suggests the idea of mother/daughter photos. My response: As you wish!

The entire experience needed to revolve around my sweet and selfless mother.  My hope was that she enjoyed every part of it and felt beautiful and celebrated. This was a special occasion, a once in a lifetime gift, just for her. 

It couldn’t have been more perfect.

Arriving for the consultation, my mother was wowed by the studio space – classy and elegant. As I anticipated, my mother was unsure what clothing options to try on and without hesitation Jenn selected a few items for my her based on a few shared preferences. We were just getting started and I could see the excitement in my mother’s eyes. She tried on the selections and we styled her with jewelry accessories that Jenn had available. I was giddy watching my mother enjoy this process.

On the day of the shoot, we both sat for makeup and I had my hair styled by Theresa. I’m always at ease when I’m in Theresa’s hands. She works quickly and masterfully at delivering just the right amount of glam. My mother NEVER wears makeup. After all was said and done, she shared that she loved her look so much that she didn’t remove it for two days! Eyelashes and all! Ha! Again, to see my mother being the focus of the shoot and how much she just dazzled in the moment was something I’ll never forget.

At the reveal, we viewed a presentation of our finished images. By slide two, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. My mother was overwhelmed with joy and amazement. When viewing the matted prints and making our selections, my mother just couldn’t eliminate any of them. She loved every. single. one. Returning home, my mother said to me, “Thank you so much for this gift. I’m so very happy that you have Jenn in your life. She’s just so special and such a wonderful person.

Knowing that my mother will look back on this experience as a celebration of her and that she has images to cherish forever means more to me than most things in life. To my dearest friend Jenn, you will forever have my gratitude. I love you.”



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