July 9, 2018

Emma the Great Dane


Tiffany is a newly emerging Wisconsin photographer, and she came to me wanting to be photographed – both to mark this point in her life, celebrating a birthday, and also to capture gorgeous portraits of her with her Great Dane, Emma. We had so much fun making new portraits, and now I’ll let Tiffany do the talking!


“I recently re-married to the man of my dreams. Because of his love and encouragement, I am starting a business of my own as a professional photographer. Being photographed is so important to me… I am always the person behind the camera so being in front of it and guided by a professional is a real treat. I love having printed images and being able to look back on that moment in my life and remember what was going on and reminisce… My husband and I both have kids from previous marriages and decided to not add to our family with additional children, but we did decide to get a puppy. Emma is our “baby” and in her own way, completes our family. I wanted to come in and get portraits of us both as a surprise for my husband for our anniversary. It was also a treat for myself. I wanted to feel beautiful again… pampered and glamorous.
When I first met Jennifer, I was so excited to see the studio space and all the beautiful gowns and accessories. We picked out what I wanted to be photographed in and talked about what to bring to the session… The day of the session, I had my makeup and hair done by a lovely and talented professional makeup artist. Emma had a fun and energetic puppy wrangler to help get her “in line” when she was getting her portraits… I was pampered, I looked amazing, I felt amazing… and I was SO excited to see the pictures (it was hard to wait for my reveal day)!!
The whole process was wonderful. Jennifer and her assistants made Emma and I feel right at home. I had so much fun and now I have beautiful images to gift to my husband on our anniversary, and as a bonus, I have images to remind me that I AM beautiful and sexy, even when I don’t quite feel it.”  ~Tiffany


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